Bali Organic Arts

B.O.A, developed by toniksujana and his friends who have a lot of experience from the culture in their village. Bali, the Island of peace that have a lot of culture since long time ago.

We are group of artisans who come together to share our inspiration and makes it easy to sale of our products.

All of our products basically handmade, we use traditional chisels and knives to carve, and as well a hand drill or dremel. not only wood, bone and buffalo horn, our members can also to engrave tusk, moose horn, deer horn, special stone like marble and jade, mammoth tusk and other materials.

water buffalo horn and bone are very popular, none toxic, stable, biodegradable organic material, with a beautiful appearance, absolutely perfect for carvings.

Domestic water buffalo horn is Consisting mainly of keratin, which is a protein made ​​with fibers, identical to that exists in hair, claws, nails, feathers, quills and wool.

Bone and skull arts

Organic material.
Bone carvings and body jewelry are all by-products (no animals are being killed for this purpose, because those are a by-product of meat production in java and sumatera island). Following a great tradition of using all the animal parts after death, that none will go to waste.

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Made to Order
If you have an idea for your order, please send the picture of your idea to my whatsapp +6287862216435 or to Our Whatsapp Group, You also can to send your idea to our facebook fan page below.

Our members will try to make as best as possible.


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